Create a new stack. The new stack is created from the default template, or from a template given by the template-git-url and template-git-ref.

Usage: stackery create --stack-name=<name> [flags]

Optional Flags
  • -p, --git-provider <string> The Git hosting provider; “github” or “aws” (default “aws”)
  • --github-org <string> The organization to be used for a github repository
  • -h, --help help for create
  • --public The created repo should be public instead of private
  • -r, --repo-name <string> The name of the repository in which the template should be saved
  • -n, --stack-name <string> The stack name
  • --template-git-ref <string> The branch or tag from which to clone the template (default “master”)
  • --template-git-url <string> The remote repository template URL from which to clone the template
Options inherited from parent commands
  • --non-interactive Skip user inputs
$ stackery create --stack-name=myAwesomeStack --git-provider github --public --repo-name myAwesomeStack

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