The Errors node emits messages when an unhandled error occurs in a Function node of a Deployment.

Only one Errors node can be added to a stack at a time.

Message Formats


When an error occurs the error object is emitted from the Errors node as the message. Although error objects can take any form, they usually are an instance of the Error class. The object is further extended with the following properties:

Field Type Description string ID of the node that generated the error. Example: a83bd26f string Name of the node that generated the error, if the name exists. Example: My Function
stackery.requestId string Request ID that generated the error, if available. Example: 6605b081-6f04-11e6-97ac-c34deb0b3dd9
stackery.message string The message passed into the function at invocation time, if available. Example: {"id": 5, "action": "PUT"}

Expected Response

The Errors node does not wait for responses after outputting error messages.

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