Referenced Resource

Referenced resources represent cloud resources that have been provisioned separately from the current stack. Regular, non-referenced nodes can interact with referenced resources as though they were provisioned together. Examples include:

Stackery uses information about referenced resources to appropriately provision other nodes in the same stack. For example, if an Object Store node is connected to a referenced AWS Lambda function for notifications, Stackery will add a permission to the Lambda function so that it can be invoked by the Object Store.

Referenced resources support all of the interaction mechanisms of normal, non-referenced nodes. For example, the DNS address of a referenced Database can be obtained using either the ‘address’ referenceable property of a Database node or by connecting a Function node to the referenced Database and retrieving the address from the STACKERY_PORTS environment variable.

Creating A Referenced Resource

To create a referenced resource, begin by dragging the “Referenced Resource” node type from the Add Node menu. A dialog box will prompt you for the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the resource you want to reference. The following AWS resources are supported:

AWS Resource Amazon Resource Name (ARN) Format Stackery Node Type
Lambda Function arn:aws:lambda:<region>:<account-id>:function:<function-name> Function
S3 Bucket arn:aws:s3:::<bucket-name> Object Store
Kinesis Stream arn:aws:kinesis:<region>:<account-id>:stream/<stream-name> Stream
DynamoDB Table arn:aws:dynamodb:<region>:<account-id>:table/<tablename> Table
SNS Topic arn:aws:sns:<region>:<account-id>:<topicname> Topic
VPC arn:aws:ec2:<region>:<account-id>:vpc/<vpc-id> Virtual Network
RDS Database Instance arn:aws:rds:<region>:<account-id>:db:<db-instance-name> Database

After providing the ARN, the new referenced resource of the matching Stackery node type will be placed on the canvas.



A label used for the node in the canvas.


The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the referenced resource.

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