Stream nodes receive messages and insert them into a high-availability, high-throughput queue. Every node connected to the output port will receive copies of each message in the stream.

The stream will retry outputting a message to a node if the node fails to process the message. The stream will continue to output the message until either the node processes the message successfully or the message expires after 24 hours.

Message Formats

There are no expectations on the format of input or output messages.



A label used for the node in the canvas.

Number Of Shards

The number of shards in the stream.

Messages are inserted into a single random shard. Each shard can send one copy of a message at a time to each node connected to the output port. Each message is output by each shard in the order it was received.

Referenceable Properties

The following properties may be referenced by Function and Docker Service nodes:

Property Value Example
id Cloud Service Identifier arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:0123456789012:stream/stackery-298374238-8fd73k29s

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