AWS Lambda Dependency Management and Packaging

Stackery automatically supports standard language-specific conventions for specifying runtime dependencies. Code is stored within your organization’s git repositories and packaged and uploaded to Lambda as part of the deployment process.

Code packaging conventions

Standard dependency management patterns for Node.js, Python, Java, and C#/.NET are supported.


Dependencies are specified within requirements.txt in the function’s code directory.


Dependencies are specified within package.json in the function’s code directory.


Dependencies are specified within build.gradle in the function’s code directory.


Dependencies are specified within .csproj files in the function’s code directory.

Support for binaries and other runtimes

Shell scripts, binaries, and other runtimes can be packaged with function code and invoked. Stackery automatically updates the $PATH variable to include the function code directory. Executables within that directory can be invoked from one of the first-class runtimes.

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