Stack Health Metrics

Stackery’s deployed stack dashboard provides at-a-glance visibility into the health and performance of all your deployed stacks. Error and performance metrics are surfaced automatically for any application deployed via AWS CloudFormation. Detailed performance and debugging information can be accessed via curated contextual links in CloudWatch Metrics, logs, and X-Ray distributed tracing.

health status metric dashboard

Node health visibility

High-level visibility of health metrics are provided for deployed nodes, enabling stack contributors to monitor health and detect errors, regardless of AWS access level. Metric statistics are supplied for the following nodes:

  • Function node metrics include: ‘Invocations’ (the number of times a function is invoked), ‘Errors’ (the number of invocations that failed due to errors in the function), and ‘Duration’ (elapsed time from when the function code starts executing as a result of an invocation)
  • ObjectStore node metrics include: ‘Requests’ (total number of HTTP requests made to a bucket), ‘4XX Errors’ (client-side errors), ‘5XX Errors’ (server-side errors)
  • Stream node metrics include: ‘Enqueued’ (number of records successfully put to the Kinesis stream) and ‘Fetches’ (number of records retrieved from the shard)
  • Database node metrics include: ‘Available Storage’, ‘Available RAM’, ‘% CPU Utilization’, ‘Connections’ (max concurrent connections)

Continual data polling

When a stack deployment is loaded in the Stackery dashboard, metric statistics are fetched from CloudWatch, and then continually refreshed every 60 seconds. By default, a request will include data points with a StartTime of 60 minutes ago through an EndTime of 1 minute ago. The Metrics Toolbar in the top-right corner of the dashboard provides options to retrieve data from 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 12 hours, and 24 hours ago. Data will be fetched immediately when an option is selected, then continue polling every 60 seconds for the chosen time period.

Deployment Properties

Double-clicking a node will open its Deployment Properties panel – providing centralized access to deployed node properties and curated links for quick access to AWS CloudWatch metrics, logs, and X-Ray trace data.

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